Building a future one child at a time

Through service to those in need in Guatemala, Guatemala Children’s Project is working to improve the lives of the children of rural Guatemala.

Twice yearly, groups of volunteers travel to Guatemala and spend a week working to construct homes, beds, playgrounds, and more for families and children in need.

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Come Volunteer With Us!

Volunteering for a service trip to Guatemala is a life-changing experience. You’ll see a corner of the world that is lush and green and amazingly beautiful. And the people you will meet will leave an impression on you that you will likely carry for the rest of your life.

A service mission to Guatemala gives high school students an opportunity to experience – just for a week – what life as a full-time missionary is like should they choose to make that awesome commitment.

It also gives adults a chance to see and explore the country of Guatemala and feel amazingly good about the positive contributions they’re making in the world at the same time.

So join us on our next trip!

Highlights From Past Trips



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