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UPDATE: Guatemala Children's Project is expanding our reach. In an effort to help more children in Guatemala we are working with orphanages, schools and organizations that are in need of assistance. At this time we do not have an official volunteer program.

Although if you are interested in helping the children of Guatemala, please contact us for help in making these arrangements.


Throughout the world there are millions of abandoned and disadvantaged children living in orphanages.  Our orphanages care for the nurturing, health and education of the children of Guatemala. 



  • You will be expected to really devote your time to the children you serve on a daily basis.
  • Due to unforeseen risks in developing countries, volunteers will be expected to follow a strict code of conduct and dress.
  • Every volunteer will participate in the operation of the volunteer program and housing. Each person will have at least two and sometimes three responsibilities. These responsibilities are necessary in the order to keep the program running smoothly.
  • YOU will change lives. YOU will be loved by the children who have no one else to love. Your heart will break and grow more than you thought possible. If you go for the right reasons and work hard it will impact you and the children for generations.

If you are already considering the possibility of volunteering, then you probably know why you should. Just in case, here are a few extra reasons if you’re unsure.

  • It is extremely rewarding. You will have a direct affect on the lives of these kids.
  • You will be exposed to new cultures and meet lots of interesting people along the way.
  • It’s fun working with children!
  • You will gain a greater appreciation for the good in your own life, and the many blessings we take for granted.
  • You will have the opportunity to be a good example, and a positive role model to look up to.
  • Working in an orphanage is a unique opportunity, and an experience of a lifetime.
  • You will have to opportunity to help mold these children, and make a difference in their lives.

Orphanage kids

Volunteering is an amazing opportunity, but it’s also a lot of hard work. Much of your time is spent doing dishes, helping with meals, sweeping, and keeping the children occupied with activities. The majority of your day is spent on maintaining the orphanage, with a few special experiences scattered between the days. Still, those special and unique experiences with the children are what make your time well spent.

It’s important that a high level of maturity is displayed while at the orphanage, because many sacrifices will be made during your time as a volunteer. The showers are cold, and the food is simple. Please remember that these children come from horrible family situations and are extremely lucky to have a nice, and safe place to live. It is an insult, to complain of any modern conveniences that you may be used to.

For any additional information about volunteering please contact us for more information.


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