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ACCESS ROAD PHASE 1 (Completed but needs repair due to flooding)



ACCESS ROAD PHASE 2 (Casa de Sion)


Community Stove Project - Our next proposed project will be to help the women of Los Robles build a community stove. These women have come together and expressed a desire to sell baked goods to help provide for their families. They have already started learning the making process and now need a place to bake. This will be set up where the women can use the oven for a small fee to bake her goods and the money they pay will go back in to the programs at Casa de Sion. Not only will this stove help provide income for these families but the money they pay to use it will ultimately be returned to their families as well through the programs at Casa de Sion. If you would like to help provide this opportunity to these women please click the "DONATE NOW" button at the right.

Eagle Scout Project - We support the Boy Scouts of America by providing opportunities for Eagle Scout projects. These projects include organizing and collecting shoes and medical supplies, painting, building fences, tables and benches and many other projects. The Scouts will raise all need funds to complete the project, including material, travel and housing. If you feel inclined to help with this project please click a button below and include a the word "Eagle" in the note section so we can direct the donation to the correct project.

Please help by Clicking Here and sending your donation today.

Access road Phase 1 - We had a group, Isa Mundo, pay to have our road carved out thru half our property so the 17 acres can be more useful. It was an amazing job done by our guardian and his dad and his uncle and two cousins. It provided much needed money for 3 or 4 families. Click here to view pictures of this project. THANK YOU ISA MUNDO FOR YOUR HELP AND DEVOTION.

Access road Phase 2 - This access road will connect the 3rd level of the property allowing use of the entire property. This project will again provide much needed work for 4 families. This final final phase will cost apron $3000.00.

INFANT FORMULA FEEDING PROGRAM - Many infants in Guatemala are malnourished and as a result die. The mothers of these children are very poor and do not eat the proper foods to provide healthy milk for them. This program provides infant formula to these families to feed their infants. In addition, these mothers are given eggs to help provide a protein source and will be taught proper nutrition. It only takes $20 per month to provide this life saving program to new family. Click here to start saving a like today.

SCHOOL LUNCH - This program provides a nutritious, hot meal 5 times a week to children at a local school in Los Robles. This lunch is often the only nutritious meal these children will get.

MEDICAL CLINIC - The medical clinic was completed late Spring of 2010 and provides needed medical care not only to the children at Casa de Sion but to everyone in the surrounding villages. This clinic will provide a base for medical teams of all professions to come and give care to those in need. Please contact us if you would be interested in providing a clinic.

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